Friday, March 23, 2012

Hard is Not Bad; Hard is Hard!

It seems that the word "hard" is nearly synonymous with “bad” with most folks these days.

"I won't take that class, it's too HARD."

"That job is HARD - don't accept it if offered!"

"I can't stay in this marriage. It's just way too HARD."

Listen for a day to notice how often you hear such statements. The implication is that hard is bad.

I want to propose a new mantra: "Hard is not bad; hard is hard." Hard is usually painful, but pain is not always bad - just HARD.

I hope this new mantra goes viral because often HARD is good, it's just hard. More often than not, hard is an opportunity to improve - it's just hard. And many, many times, HARD is essential to becoming, accomplishing, discovering, enjoying what we want and need most. It's just that HARD is painful, difficult, not enjoyable or fun.

So everyone say it together, (though it is hard to bring yourself to do so):
"Hard is not bad; hard is just hard."
Now, let's go embrace the hard but important things we must do today. Repair a relationship. Confront a difficult reality. Love an enemy. Discipline yourself to become better. Whatever it is - grit your teeth, endure the pain and do the hard thing.

Boldly, Herb

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