Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It’s a Long Time Between Promise and Delivery

December 9, 2009

It’s embarrassing. It really is.

Been thinking about the many people in the Bible that were given promises and how long they had to wait for God to deliver on the promise.

Abraham: 25 years between the promise of a child and the (literally) delivery.

Moses: 40 years (at least) herding sheep in the wilderness from calling to deliver Israel from slavery in Egypt to actually confronting Pharaoh.

Peter: 3 years of hanging out with Jesus, and a lot of embarrassing statements and actions, until he was fully ready to go fishing for men.

Joseph: 13 years of being a slave after seeing God’s vision of being a ruler until God miraculously moved him from the dungeon to the palace.

Israel: 400 years of silence, not even a peep from a prophet, prior to Jesus being born.

Jesus: had to live in a human body for 30 years after Christmas before going about His purpose.

And we get impatient when God doesn’t deliver in a day!!

I think I’ll go apologize to God and try to get some perspective.

Boldly, Herb

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Unknown said...

I've been reading Ezekiel, and I'm kind of stuck in the middle chapters where it's all about judgment for Moab, and judgment for Tyre, etc. So, I was having trouble staying engaged as I was reading through these chapters this morning, and I prayed that the Lord how this was relevant to my life (other than the obvious messages of Ezekiel, that God hates idolatry & that the penalty of sin is death). The answer I received as I continued to read was that God always keeps His word and does what He says He will do. I guess God wants me to really hear this message, because now He's saying it to me again through you.