Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not so Random Thoughts on Trust

May 12, 2010

Trust comes from going through insecure situations and experiencing God coming through for you.

The path to deep trust is one of fear, uncertainty, challenging all we rely on … and it is very painful.

The natural response is to resist and cling to what we can see even though we THINK and SAY we believe what we can’t see. That is not trust.

Trust is CHOOSING to do what is against our natural inclinations, what causes us fear, what seems to make no sense, to let go of control and OBEY God’s invitation.

Trust goes against everything we understand to give us all that we really desire but cannot grasp.

Trust requires that we obey BEFORE we understand – and then we understand AFTER we obey.

When we go through really tough times, God is offering opportunities to develop deeper trust that we think we even want but the kind of trust that God knows will deliver what we really desire.

Boldly, Herb

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