Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Will You Do With the Extra Day?

You have been given a gift. A gift that comes once every one thousand four hundred and sixty days. The endowment of an extra day.

So how will you use it? 24 hours to use any way you want. Oh, you may not be in charge of your schedule. Most of us have to go to work, school, take care of kids, cook, clean, fill the car with gas and all that. But within those activities we have the opportunity to use those extra minutes to gripe, waste, play, encourage, learn, help, work, and on and on. Do you see the possibilities?

But it is up to YOU. Not your boss, spouse, kids or strangers. No excuses, it is YOUR choice.

It will not happen by accident. We will not drift into good use of these 1440 minutes. We default mostly to the unproductive.

So what will you choose? C’mon, before you use another minute of this day, decide to use part of these bonus hours to make a difference in the lives of others.

Who will you call? Who will you care for? Who will you send a gift or card? Who will you buy groceries or take to dinner? To whom will you bring laughter, love and a lightened load? Who will you contact to let them know THEY have been a blessing to you? Who will you hug or smile at?

Here’s an idea: what if we did so with EVERY PERSON we come into contact today?

So how about it? Let’s make Leap Day a day to make others leap with joy! Who knows - it may catch on for the other 1460 days between now and 2016!

Boldly, Herb

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Anonymous said...

2 strangers at Eat N Park, sitting at different tables, but sharing very similar stories, & names even, reach out to each other. He is the only one taking care of his elderly, ailing parents. We have alot in common these days. We hug and he says that's the first hug he's received in years! I enlist several nurses' help & track him down at St. Clair Hospital and give him a card with my phone number in it and a promise to be there for him and listen if he wants to talk. Tell him that I could use the same. Those random acts of kindnesses can accomplish soooo much in 2 people's lives. The receiver as well as the giver.