Thursday, November 07, 2013

Crisis Creates Opportunity

We wish... we long... we hope... we pray... for opportunity. 

Opportunity to experience something good, powerful, significant, wonderful, helpful. 
Opportunity to have God show up like He did in the Bible.

Then we whine about the very circumstances that are the breeding ground for Him to do so.

You see... it is CRISES, PROBLEMS, DIFFICULTIES that create opportunity.  Until we are staring into the eyes of something so big or bad that we cannot handle or do anything about, we are not in the place of opportunity. 

I think having eyes to see that way is a big part of what “faith” is all about.

Daniel got the word that everyone on “Team Wisemen” had been ordered to the gallows, (Daniel 2).  What did he see?  As the rest of the team saw CRISIS, Daniel saw OPPORTUNITY.  He boldly went to see the king, asking for time (he got it), prayed fervently with his three friends for God’s answer (he got it).  By seeking and surrendering to God he went from death row to vice-king of Babylon.  CRISIS creates OPPORTUNITY.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were ordered with the rest of the new and revised “Team Wisemen” to the Plain of Dura, (Daniel 3).  Arriving they saw a ninety foot statue, heard the announcement that all were to bow and worship when the orchestra struck a tune, and realized they were in a CRISIS.  But they saw OPPORTUNITY.  They refused to bow, made their stand with the king and vowed absolute loyalty to God even if they were thrown into the flaming furnace. They saw OPPORTUNITY to point people to the only true God, even at the cost of their lives, knowing God would deliver here or hereafter.  In fury, the king ordered them tossed into the flames.

AN ASIDE:  What would you do if you were there?  Our tendency, “But God!  I’m not supposed to be IN the fire, You were supposed to swoop down as my celestial superman and save me FROM the fire!” and other such whining.  If we put on faith eyes we see that we cannot experience the DEPTH of God’s miracle unless we experience the DEPTH of the danger!!

BACK TO THE STORY:  Into the flames they were thrown, where Jesus was waiting for them, where they walked around in the fire high fiving Jesus, where they experienced God! The king ordered them out, ordered the world never to criticize God and promoted them to high office. CRISIS created OPPORTUNITY.

What crisis, problem, difficulty are you experiencing?  Look at them again with fresh eyes... faith eyes.  Do you see that God is bigger?  That only as you go through them that God can show up big?  Lean into God, seek Him with all you’ve got, trust Him no matter what and watch God turn your CRISIS, PROBLEM or DIFFICULTY into OPPORTUNITY to experience Him and to point people to Him.

Here’s what God says...
                “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27 (NIV)

 From this day forward choose to view every circumstance that causes your heart to pound as OPPORTUNITY for God to show up – no matter how hot the fire gets.

Boldly, Herb

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