Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pondering the Last Week of Jesus, part 4

Sundown on Friday began the Jewish Sabbath when nothing could be done.  Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea were both of them members of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish ruling council.  Can you imagine the distress they endured when Jesus was before the Sanhedrin? On Friday as the sun was setting they had laid the body of Jesus into a tomb. 
And then all who knew Jesus mourned. 

Imagine what Jesus’ mother and brothers felt, dozing off only to awaken, screaming from the pictures of terror anew. 
Imagine what Jesus’ disciples felt, replaying their betrayal again and again.  The arguments that inevitably resulted from the hole in their gut. 
Imagine the delight of the Jewish leaders and all the demons of Hell thinking they had won.
Most of all, think of the delight of Jesus and the Father reunited again.  The pain behind.  The victory won, though only Heaven knew. A glorious day.  And perhaps, just perhaps, they were thinking of us - like a parent on Christmas Eve who found the perfect gift, who can’t wait to see it unwrapped, to see the child’s eyes get big, to hear the squeal of delight.  Because they knew what Easter would bring.

Saturday was the depths of despair for the humans who loved Jesus.
Saturday was the height of delight for those who opposed Jesus.
Saturday was the reunion of all reunions for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Are you ready for Easter? To receive the best gift from the God Who loves you beyond comprehension.

Ponder on these things and thank Him as you think of Jesus last week.

Boldly, Pastor Herb

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